Birthdaygirl cupcakes, raspberries

Baked with berry yogurt and raspberries as filling and vanilla icing, yummy:P

My daughter turned 18 and she made the cakes and I did the decor. Happy 18`th birthday!<3 SO proud of her, she is a cook in training

We found a recepie on the internet and American vanilla icing in Sweden;)

Her er en oppskrift på norsk, husk å legge bringebær i hver muffins, et stort bær evt. to små. Vi har laget de glutenfire, selvfølgelig, for min andre datter;) erstatt hvetemelet med Semper fin mix.

I could not find a recipe with yogurt in english.. I used fresh raspberries, put one big one in each cupcake, We made them gluten free for my other daughter also can eat. Replace the flour with gluten free flour.

And here is a cupcake blogg I like a lot!!


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